A League of Our Own

A League of Our Own

The official page for A League of Our Own's bar dart league. Located in Westchester County, New York.


Teams 1-4 will play for A division championship.

Teams 5-8 will play for B division championship.

Playoff Rules highlights:

  1. Two matches (Tuesday and Thursday)

  2. Every game, diddle for the middle.

  3. Doubles you may choose which player diddles.

  4. All-Stars do not accrue.

  5. C9, 180 and B6 still count, mark them down.

  6. First team to 19 wins - higher seed team has choice of starting home or away. 

  7. Second night tie breaker is double-in, double-out, 6 PERSON 1001.

  8. If an ineligible player is used you will forfeit any points earned in singles, and both points earned in doubles!!!! Bar owners and bartenders are excepted from this rule.


Tuesday May 7th & Thursday May 9th

A Division

Match 1:  Krushers @ Chalking Heads

Match 2: Firehouse 1 @ Elks


B Division

Match 1: Bad Brews Bears @ Shitbags

Match 2: Firehouse 2 @ Brew Crew



Please contact your respective captains to insure there are no scheduling conflicts!!!


Good luck to all!!


Shaun (914) 450-3034

Please text or call all scores/highlights ASAP!!!!